Isolator i3r

Three Band Infinite Cut Stereo Isolator EQ


Specs and Operating Characteristics:

Rear Connectors: Stereo Line Level XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced Inputs and Outputs

Nominal Gain:
• unity gain (0dB) with knobs centered (12 o'clock)
• -90dB or better to +17dB gain per band at 24dB/oct

Maximum Input Levels:
• +23.5dBu at XLR input
• +21.5dBu at RCA input

Input Impedance:
• 28,000 Ohms balanced at XLR inputs
• 15,600 Ohms unbalanced at RCA inputs

Output Impedance:
• 150 Ohms balanced at XLR outputs
• 50 Ohms unbalanced at RCA outputs

Clip Level at Output:
• +22dBu

S/N Ratios:
• Noise floor UNWEIGHTED 22Hz to 22kHz measures below -82dBu
• Noise floor WEIGHTED 10Hz - IEC-A measures below -86dBu

• THD + N at normal operating levels is well below 0.01%

Power Consumption:
• 9.6W (80mA)
• AC input voltage range of 100 to 240 at 50 to 60 Hz

Isolator i3r three-band stereo isolating EQ:

The Isolator i3r was developed to bring high fidelity to the rotary DJ experience. Crafted with utmost attention to sonic character, the Isolator proves itself to be a studio-grade isolating EQ device that can be used in a variety of applications.

The Isolator is a 24dB per octave three-band stereo isolating equalizer. Unlike a traditional EQ that has a limited amount of boost/cut, the unit provides infinite attenuation ("full kill") allowing you to "isolate" one or more frequency ranges, as a precision filter or crossover would. The Isolator's cutoff frequencies, at 300Hz and 3kHz, are based on listening tests comparing how high hats, vocals, and bass frequencies sit in a variety of dance music.

The Isolator is inherently a performance tool made for those who want the classic rotary isolator experience with updated, low-distortion circuitry and the no-maintenance reliability of a brand new boutique device. Each unit is handmade in New York City using components auditioned by ear and chosen for durability. Use this in the club or try it out in the studio for critical mixing or mastering applications.


Front Panel Features and Controls:

Controls (Theory of Operation):

Stereo (or mono) program material is divided into three frequency bands (lows, mids, highs) at a steep 24dB/octave slope. Each band is represented by a large aluminum knob. With all three knobs straight up at "12 O'Clock" the signal passes through at unity gain and response is flat within ±1dB.

We chose crossover frequencies of 300Hz and 3kHz based on listening tests, which means that the bass band is 300Hz and below, the treble band is set at 3kHz and above, and the mids are everything in between. Each band can be boosted up from unity gain by as much as to +17dB, or attenuated to a full cut, like a volume control, using the large aluminum knobs.

Instead of providing individual outputs like a crossover would, the Isolator accurately recombines (sums) the frequency bands back into a complete stereo (or mono) output signal. Audio taper pots deliver a smooth response, exceptional feel, and electronic reliability. With all knobs centered (unity gain at 12 o'clock) the NLA Isolator is impressively transparent-sounding.


Engage Switch:

A large pushbutton switch marked “engage” activates the Isolator processing and illuminated when depressed, this switch operates silently so engaging and bypassing the Isolator during performance introduces no "clicks" or "pops" to the audio path. All signal circuitry and any associated loading of your source are completely disconnected via sealed relays which connect the input and output connectors directly, a feature known as "true bypass". This aluminum "engage" button is recessed to avoid accidental use.

When powered off the Isolator defaults to the bypassed state - whether or not the button is depressed - thus solidifying its place as a permanent install in the DJ booth, and negating the need to patch around it in a studio application.



The Isolator uses a protected and compliant internal power supply which can accept international voltage ranges of 100 to 240VAC at 50 or 60Hz via a standard IEC power cable. There is no power on/off switch. Whenever it's plugged into AC line voltage, the Isolator will safely power on. When no power is supplied to the Isolator, it will default to bypass mode and pass signal unaffected.


Built to Last:

Balanced, gold-plated XLR connectors allow the Isolator to be used after a mixer's master outputs (or anywhere in a recording studio). RCA jacks enable the Isolator to be used in a DJ mixer's unbalanced effects loop. With all controls and connectors sturdily mounted to the metal chassis, this Isolator is ready for the road.




$1050 per unit projected pricing


multiple unit discount possible only as a single order, paid for and shipped together

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